Technical | Loft Music Studios


Control Room

Mac system running Protools 10
Allen & Heath GS-24RM Desk
API Lunchbox
2 x Neve 1073 – Pres
2 x Helios Type 69 – Pres and EQ
2 x D.A.V. – Pres
2 x Warm Audio WA12
2 x Focusrite Red 1
Thermionic Culture Rooster (Balanced Version)
Universal Audio 4-710d (4 Channel)

Live Room

800 sq ft live room
2 isolation booths
Mics include:
Telefunken CU29 Copperhead
2 x SE Electronics z5600a
Pair of SE 4400
Pair of boutique KM184 clones
Telefunken M80
NS10 Sub Mic
Sennheiser Drum Mics
AKG D112
Lots of SM57s and SM58s

Load In
There is a big goods-only lift that comes from street level right to our floor.
Park outside, load in and the kit is in the live room in a few minutes.

4th Floor, British India House, 15 Carliol Square, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 6UF

0191 645 4544