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Drum Sessions

In the modern age of recording we understand, that to a certain extent, everything is achievable with even the most humble of home recording setups. The one thing that can be almost impossible to get right is a high quality recording of a live drum kit. With this in mind, Loft Music Studios are launching a new range of services, utilising our spacious live room and it’s world-class acoustics, to help you achieve the drum sound you need without incurring the expense of a full days recording session.

We plan to run special days where we will be mic’ing up our prized Ludwig kits (1963 Ludwig Super Classic, Ludwig Legacy Classic 70s reissue, and Mapex Horizon Birch) and making them available for short sessions (minimum 2hrs) so that all that you need to do is bring a drummer, your session requirements, and walk away with a professional multi-microphone drum recording for your songs.

The sessions can start as early as 9am and finish as late as midnight, so pretty much any time of the day will be available. Sessions only run on certain predetermined days, call or email us for further information and to book in.


KICK – NS10 Sub Mic, AKG D112 – API 3124
TOP – Sure SM7 – Helios 69
BOTTOM – Telefunken M80 – Helios 69
HI HAT – Sure SM57 – UA710
RACK TOM – Neumann KLM184 (Clone) – API3124
FLOOR TOM – Senheisser MD421 – API3124
OVERHEADS – AKG C414 (Matched Pair) – NEVE 1073 x 2
MONO ROOM – Telefunken Copperhead – DAV BG51
STEREO ROOM – SE E4400 (Matched Pair) – UA710 x 2


Ludwig Super Classic ’63
Ludwig Legacy Classic ’70s reissue
Mapex Horizon Birch

14 × 5.5″ 1963 Ludwig Supraphonic 400 Snare
14 × 8″ Gretsch Swamp Dog Mahogany Snare
14 x 6″ Ludwig Black Magic

Istanbul Mehmet Nostalgia:
14″ HiHats / 15″ HiHats / 18″ Crash / 20″ Ride / 22″ Ride / 24″ Ride
Session Series:
21″ Ride


2 / 4 / 8 Hour sessions available
Give us a call/email to work out a great deal


GRID EDIT – £40/track
Using Pro Tools, we will lock the performance to the metronome of the project and iron out any little errors.

MIDI TRIGGERS – £20/track
This is the process of generating a midi file that you can then use to augment your live drums.

SAMPLES – £10/track*
*Requires the ‘MIDI TRIGGERS’ service.
We will generate triggered samples of range of drums as well as room responses from the famous Abbey Road Recording Studio.

(All extras available as a bundle deal @ £50/track)

Loft Music Studios Live Room 2

4th Floor, British India House, 15 Carliol Square, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 6UF

0191 645 4544